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Nakano Campus

Guide and Access Nakano Campus

The Nakano Campus, where third-year and higher students in the Faculty of Arts (although there is an exception) programs study, is located near the skyscraper-lined streets of Shinjuku, one of Japan's busiest downtown districts. It has the feel of a place where next-generation artists can grow and blossom.
Address: 2-9-5 Honcho, Nakano, Tokyo
164-8678, Japan
Graduate and undergraduate courses are established in Nakano Campus
  • Graduate School of Arts
  • Higher-division course in Faculty of Arts (although there is an exception)
Transportation 5 min. walk from Nakano-sakaue station on Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line / Toei Subway Oedo Line. Leave the station from Exit #1, and follow Yamate-dori Avenue toward Shibuya. Turn right at theNakano-honcho 2-Chome intersection.

Access to Nakano-sakaue Station
  •  From Shinjuku -7-min. take Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line.
  •  From Tokyo -23-min. take Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line.
  •  From Yoyogi -8-min. take Toei Subway Oedo Line.
Campus Map