Faculty of arts

The theme of Faculty of Arts at the Tokyo Polytechnic University is Media Art, a new artistic culture that expands the realm of creative expression using state-of-the-art technologies.
Now that a certain level of familiarity has developed with conventional media such as photograph, print, film, and television broadcasting, as well as with new communications media such as digital communications and interactive television systems, the realm of media art is continuing to expand.
People needed in those fields are media artists who have both artistic sensibilities and digital control skills. The Faculty of Arts aims to train media artists through undergraduate programs in seven departments of Photography, Imaging Art, Design, Interactiv Media, Animation, Game, and Manga, and master's and doctorate(Ph.D.)programs in Media Art.

If you want to indulge your curiosity and use modes of expression such as images, sound, shape, and color to unleash your creative and artistic potential, we invite you to join us!