Department of Animation Faculty of Arts

The Department of Animation: Where Learning Is a Joy

In the 21st century, the kinetic medium of animation has assumed a rapidly growing role in art and entertainment. In 2003, Tokyo Polytechnic responded to this emerging trend by becoming the first university in Japan with an undergraduate department of animation. The mission of the Department of Animation is to provide a four-year program where students can enjoy exploring the breadth and depth of the animation field with the central goal of training animators and other creative professionals capable of leading Japan's media content industry into the future.

Learning Environment: Merging Friendship and Study

Although ours is a large program, with 100 new students entering each year, we value each student as an individual and are committed to providing personalized instruction and guidance. To this end, our instructors are constantly sharing information about their students as they monitor their progress and growth. By incorporating group projects into their courses, they create an environment that encourages students to make friends and cooperate as they learn, rather than spend all their time alone in front of a computer.

Curriculum: Progressive Specialization

At the beginning of their first year, students in the Department of Animation choose between the department's two programs: Animation Studies and Animation Production. This gives them four full years to focus on the area that interests them the most. Both programs offer a comprehensive curriculum. Courses in the Production program cover every aspect of the animation process, from planning and drawing to writing, direction, and 3D computer graphics. Whether your goal is development as an artist or a career in commercial animation, our curriculum has you covered.

From the outside, animation seems like a small, exclusive world, but once inside, you will be amazed at the breadth and depth that the field encompasses. The process of creating a single animated film involves many stages, each requiring its own distinct skills: script writing, direction, character design, animation, backgrounds, computer graphics, editing, music, audio, production management, producing, and so forth. After gaining direct experience with each area through foundation courses in their first year of study, students begin to specialize in the area most suited to their talents and interests. As they progress through the program, students sharpen their focus year by year, developing their skills as they go.