Department of Game Faculty of Arts

Learning about games that have fused art and engineering, this department aims to develop creators who will be able to actively participate in the world about them.

The Department of game curriculum provides training in both the arts and science and mathematics. It is one of the foremost programs in Japan at universities offering game curriculums. The Department of game is built around the theme "Games are learned", and "the essence of play" underlying games will be thoroughly examined. We aim to develop students who will become game creators capable of opening up the continually expanding possibilities of games into such areas as education, medical care, and social welfare.

Planning, design, programming; choose the field that is just right for you.

The Department of game is divided into three electives; planning, design and programming. Each student can select the elective most suited to their ambition and talent after joining the school and, starting from the basics, learn about their chosen field. In the planning elective we aim to develop individuals who are both creative and logical. In the design elective artistic sense and computer graphic techniques will be learned. For the programming elective computer graphic knowledge and programming skills will be acquired. From the second year students from the three electives will form teams and actually make a game, each member making use of their acquired specialty while learning communication and production skills.

Learn in a team environment under instruction that respects individuality.

While closely and methodically exchanging student information the instructors will carefully observe student development. Each student's individuality will be respected, and while having their aptitudes closely monitored, conscientious guidance will be provided. An environment conducive to making friends and building relationships will be maintained, and through active participation in team based production exercises, too much solitary work sitting in front of a computer can be avoided.

An educational program that considers real world employment and subsequent career will provide students you with the knowledge and skills necessary for life as a game creator.

Graduating from university is not the completion of a studentyour life's goal; in fact they are just getting started. Getting a job validates what they have learned in university. From there they need to follow their own path under their own power. For that reason the Department of game is not just about technical skills.. They will be taught to think carefully about their own purpose and progress accordingly. Through communication with various professionals they will gain a broad view and awareness of the issues facing society. As a full-fledged creator, with the knowledge and skills you acquired as a student will put you in a position to explore possibilities after graduation in a variety of fields such as game and software production, advertising, and IT / communications related industries.