Department of Interactive Media Faculty of Arts

The Interactive Media Program

In the traditional of way of arts, participants have experienced only passively by seeing art works. In recent years, however, interactive and participatory technologies that react participant's input or action have been getting public awareness. The demand of interactive media such as computer graphics, web design, advertising, amusement parks, live stage performances, spatial design, electronic musical instruments, digital toys and social welfare has rapidly increased.
During this four-year program, students are required to obtain the skills to create new forms of interactive expression.

Features of the Curriculum

In the first two years, students will be required to study the fundamental concepts, technologies, and applied techniques of interactive media. In the third year, they will be assigned to specialty-focused seminar classes and deepen their knowledge of their fields. In this process, they will also develop more profound methods of expression through research and studio projects. Finally, in the fourth year, students will further refine their mastery of widely accepted and applied forms of interactive media expression and technology through works on their graduate projects or theses.

Production Featurest

This course comprises a fusion of four fundamental fields--in computer graphics, web design, sound design and interactive art--for diversified forms of artistic expression powered by interactive media. Student projects include video works with 3D computer graphics, works that facilitate not only visual aspects but also a tactile experience, Web content driven by network technologies, and sound projects that strive for new forms of musical expression.