Division of Liberal Arts Faculty of Arts

Core Curriculum

The Core Curriculum is a course of study completed by all students in the Faculty of Arts with the aim of establishing a firm foundation for the study and practice of media arts. Through the Core Curriculum, students develop the basic knowledge, perception, and thinking skills they need to flourish not only in an academic setting but also in society, as the creators of the future. In line with these goals, the curriculum encompasses four divisions: Foundations of Art, Human Science, Communication, and Career Education. Each division offers a wide selection of courses.

Foundations of Art

Courses in this division help students master the basic knowledge and skills they will need to build rewarding careers in the media arts. Students gain a familiarity with all the major media arts through T.P.U.'s unparalleled selection of survey course offerings, including Introduction to Photography, Introduction to Imaging Arts, Introduction to Design, Introduction to Interactive Media, Introduction to Animation, Introduction to Manga , and Introduction to Video Game Development . They gain a broader understanding of art and its principles through courses like Philosophy of Art, Aesthetics, History of Eastern Art , History of Western Art , Contemporary Art, Play Studies, and Musicology. Finally, they build essential artistic and media skills through classes like Basic Design and Information Processing.

Human Science

Courses in this division are designed to foster wide-ranging interest in and understanding of human beings, society, and nature. In the social sciences, the curriculum offers courses like Introduction to Law, Introduction to Sociology, and Introduction to Economics. Subjects in the area of math and science include Mathematics for Art, Art and Physics, and Cognitive Science. Offerings in the humanities include Society and Thought, Psychology, and Introduction to Religious Studies .


This division offers a selection of courses designed to ensure that students acquire solid all-round communication skills as well as the ability to create media content. It includes foreign-language training through courses such as English, English Conversation, French, German, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese (for our international students), along with classes like Japanese Literacy and Basic Presentation Skills that focus on academic and business communication.

Career Education

Through courses like Introduction to Career Design and Portfolio Seminar, the Career Education curriculum provides students with the tools they need to find jobs and develop rewarding careers.