Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering has evolved from a departmental system to a course system, consisting of five courses: Machinery, Electrical and Electronics, Information Technology, Chemistry and Materials, and Architecture. Our students are educated in basic computer science no matter which course they are enrolled in. The Faculty of Engineering offers a flexible, interdisciplinary system where students can take any class outside their own course, or change their course as they advance to the next year of study.

Department of Engineering

Machinery Course

Developing versatile skills by having students build their robot and improving its performance

Classes of robot-building are arranged every year in a contest-based format aiming to facilitate acquisition of technological skills.

Electrical and Electronics Course

Acquiring the skills essential to contribute to the future society through studying electronics - a technology indispensable to modern society

Experiments and seminars conducted in smallgroups cover wide areas such as circuit-building, computer-operated display device control、materials' special property measurement.

Information Technology Course

Broadening the scope of future options with the study of computing from the basics up through cutting-edge Al

Students cultivate a wide perspective and adaptability in order to tackle challenges in a diverse range of fields as well as acquisition of computing fundamentals and specialized knowledge.

Chemistry and Materials Course

Learning the knowledge and technology of chemical reactions in order to thrive in any and all industries in the fields of advanced materials and applied chemistry

We educate students who can play active roles in fields such as advanced materials through their study of materials chemistry, chemistry dealing with next-generation energy sources, analytical chemistry and more.

Architecture Course

Aiming to educate students into professional architects who meet social needs, studying specialized fields matched to their own interests

Students can acquire advanced expertise to become architectural specialists through various classes including small-group design drafting seminars.