Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering aims to enrich education in the field of information media which has more than 90 years of tradition since the University's foundation, as well as image technology and computers which are popular with students. Substantial new facilities have also been installed which include PC rooms, multimedia classrooms and various sorts of laboratories.

An Engineering Department Strong in Cutting Edge Fields Leading the 21st Century

Unique professional training and quality research is being deployed, with the focal point being the laboratories and Research Center. Furthermore, from the freshman year, it is possible to learn the latest technological information for cutting edge fields of key technologies in the 21st century, such as environment, communication and energy, in easy to understand introductory courses.

An Education System Which Stresses Basic Scholastic Ability and Motivation for Engineering

In addition to conducting easy to understand introductory courses from specific openings, lessons according to each learning level for basic subjects, and a Learning Support Center where casual questions and consultations are possible anytime problems are encountered with studies, initiatives carried out include seminars with a small number of people in the first year, and project model lessons which make use of creative ingenuity to up-grade ambition and interest. The Faculty of Engineering of Tokyo Polytechnic University places importance on carefully nurturing students by respecting their curiosity and individuality.

A Detailed Employment Support System Which Supports Student Career Development

The Career Development Center provides practical support to heighten student awareness and ability with activities. These include support lectures for acquiring all sorts of qualifications, employment advice by leading persons active in the industrial world, and internships.