Department of Life Science and Sustainable Chemistry Faculty of Engineering

Chemistry for a More Beautiful, Eco-Friendly Tomorrow

The study of chemistry at Tokyo Polytechnic University has always been carried out with a practical emphasis on meeting the needs of the times in which we live. Education and research in our department is aimed at equipping students to tackle the fundamental dilemma of our time: How to exist in harmony with life on earth, in all its richness and beauty.

Chemistry has the potential to play a crucial role in humanity's efforts to preserve the global environment and human health even while advancing civilization. We approach the challenges to life on earth and its environment from the perspective of chemistry. Maintaining small classes and a low student-to-teacher ratio, the department is working to educate a new generation of specialists armed with the creative and scientific skills to form and test their own hypotheses and equipped with an ethical outlook grounded in a love of humanity and nature together with advanced knowledge and cutting-age techniques.

People in our department explore a wide spectrum of fields from the latest scientific and technological advances to the real-life challenges we face today. Study and research topics include "Solving the Energy Problem with Photovoltaic Power and High-Performance Power Cells," "Preventing Deforestation through the Development of Electronic Paper," and "Learning How High Function can a Molecule Have through a Biomolecular Study."

Moreover, thanks to our extensive academic support system, prospective students need not be deterred by the lack of a strong math or science background. We spare no effort to assist those motivated by an awareness of the issues and a sincere desire to learn. The emphasis on group learning and presentations in many of our classes fosters the kind of research-based knowledge and communication skills that today's society values so highly. We also have strong support systems to assist students with the practical challenges of daily life, certification and licensing, and job hunting.

Graduates of our department have found rewarding positions with a wide range of employers, including chemical, food, and pharmaceutical manufacturers as well as companies, institutes, and government agencies whose work involves chemical analyses or environmental monitoring. An education in our department can also prepare students for careers as junior and senior high school teachers and as museum curators with research responsibilities. Many of our students go on to pursue graduate studies at T.P.U. or other universities.

By training professionals with the ability to think independently and take effective action on the basis of their own judgments, we are doing our part for a more beautiful, environmentally healthy world.