Department of Applied Computer Science Faculty of Engineering

Today computers pervade every aspect of daily life. They control our digital TVs, our cell phones, our automobiles, our air conditioners, our rice cookers, and more. In the fields of video games and animation, computers have become indispensable to the development and production process. Opportunities abound in our society for individuals who can take the use of computer technology to an even higher level by imagining new applications or better modes of use and translating those ideas into real-world systems.

Recognizing the importance of applied computer science early on, Tokyo Polytechnic was the first four-year university in Japan to establish a full-fledged undergraduate department with a curriculum centered on the application and utilization of computer technology. The Department of Applied Computer Science graduated its first cohort in 2008. We have grown quickly since then, incorporating the lessons of experience not only in our approach to education and research but also in our career counseling, job placement, and other support services. With a faculty rich in real-world professional experience, the department excels in producing work-ready graduates equipped with presentation skills, project-execution skills, and other practical competencies geared to the world of business.

Since 2008, the department has offered two study programs: Systems Design and Application Course . Systems Design is geared to individuals with a strong engineering orientation. Here students delve deeply into subjects like systems development and network design, acquiring the programming and other technical skills needed for careers in the field of systems design and development. Applied Computer Technologies are oriented toward the use and application of existing systems. It prepares students for careers as computer operators or computer support specialists, developing new and better ways to use computers or helping to make them more user friendly. This program is a good fit for students with a humanities background who want to develop their computer skills and explore the myriad possibilities of computer technology in business and human life.

Students in both concentrations are given a significant amount of latitude in designing an academic program to suit their own goals and interests, selecting courses to build on their strengths or fill gaps in their knowledge. We realize that students are more likely to master the material when they are personally motivated to learn.

Our lives today are deeply intertwined with computer technology via personal computers, cell phones, and home electronics, and we can be sure that the relationship between human and computer will grow closer still in the years ahead. By studying this technology from various angles, students in the Department of Applied Computer Science acquire the tools to continue their growth and development after graduation and throughout life.

Whether you are seeking to build on your existing knowledge or to develop your skills from scratch, the Department of Applied Computer Science welcomes you. Join us and discover how fun and fascinating computer science can be.