Department of Electronics and Mechatronics Faculty of Engineering

The Department of Electronics and Mechatronics nurtures capable people competent for ahead-of-the-curve manufacturing, making free use of hardware and software, in Japan's world-class fields of electronics and mechatronics.

At the present time, our comfortable daily existence is largely supported by electronic appliances. Electronic appliances play an active role by way of familiar items, such as robots that provide various support, environmentally friendly electric cars, mobile telephones and high-tech consumer electronics, but also extending as far as manufacturing and gigantic buildings. The technology particularly sought at the present time is realization of items which are utilized almost without the user being conscious of their application, which are safe and energy efficient.

This department places importance on practical learning, including robot manufacture and project experiments, to acquire rich knowledge and cultivate an energy able to be actively used in a wide range of fields. In the first year of study, a First Year Seminar is created. The ratio of teaching staff to students is better than 1:10 and support is provided not only with educational guidance, but also across official and personal matters. The learning side of university life is backed up by familiar contact between individuals provided by a structure with only a small number of people. Furthermore, in "robot production", learning proceeds with a goal in mind by way of a robot contest as the target.

In third year, there is a "project experiment (pre-graduation research)". Due to the earlier job-hunting period and also to ensure that the study is not just to acquire credit for units, a study theme is taken in third year rather than the busy forth year, to strengthen awareness of study and research.

A study support system is also in place for students anxious about their studies and students weak in mathematics and science subjects such as physics. The department has many enthusiastic teaching staff who are not frugal in their support of students that have the strong feeling - 'I am not very good at it, but let's try!'

This department nurtures technicians that are full of people power, overflowing with creativity and who look to the future.