General Education and Research Center Faculty of Engineering

General Education embraces basic science, foreign languages, human sciences, health and physical education, and teacher training, as well as a rich variety of "omnibus" courses and classes open to all students, regardless of their major or year.

Studies at each academic department provide students with opportunities to explore subjects of special interest in great depth. Classes at the General Education and Research Center bring students into contact with ideas, instructors, and students outside their own field, stimulating new interests, opening new horizons, and sometimes even inspiring a change in direction.

Math, physics, and chemistry are core subjects required for all students in the Faculty of Engineering. In these subjects, the General Education and Research Center offers lecture courses at each level in combination with seminars and labs. Placement in lecture courses is determined by the results of placement tests taken prior to registration. Students may also begin their studies with a review of high school math or science. The staff of the university's Learning Support Center includes faculty with teaching experience at the high school level.

In foreign languages, we offer courses in English (a required subject), German, French, and Chinese. In each case, students learn in small classes geared to their level of proficiency. Conversation classes are structured to emphasize direct communication between teacher and students and encourage full participation by all. English teachers and students can take advantage of two computer-aided language learning (CALL) classrooms set aside for that purpose.

Courses in health and physical education include wellness classes where students learn the basics of health and physical fitness while working to develop and maintain a personalized exercise program.

Our faculty also offers instruction and guidance for those who wish to pursue a particular subject at a more advanced level. We are here to support any new endeavors or directions inspired by your studies at the General Education and Research Center.

Here at the General Education and Research Center, we like to think of ourselves as the faculty's unsung heroes, playing a quiet but vital supporting role in each student's education. We are constantly thinking of ways to keep students motivated once they have cleared the hurdle of college admission.

Four years may seem like a long time, but they are over before you know it. At the General Education and Research Center, our goal is to give students a first- and second-year educational experience that they can look back on with pride and satisfaction as a time of genuine learning and personal growth.