Field of Animation Media Graduate School of Arts

It is only recent that animation has been generally recognized as a field of artistic expression. At the same time, higher levels of education in this field at universities and the widespread growth of production environments, in both hardware and software, result in an unprecedented increase in the number of people aspiring to become animators.
In order to respond to such situation, we offer opportunities in the Field of Animation Media to students who have experience in the production and research of animation-related fields in order to continue their studies at even higher levels.
We welcome students who have creative and rational mind and a passion to realize next-generation animation.

Educational Goals of this Field

Animation is a comprehensive art form that covers a wide range of fields, including video imaging, music, literature and scientific technology, and it is a part of the culture that we in Japan are justly proud of. This field educates students to be experts active both at home and overseas who display individualistic expression and creative theoretical concepts in the field.

Educational Contents

This field consists of two courses. The course of production requires students to create a graduation work at the end of two-year course. First year students will also be expected to complete at least one work. At the same time, students are required to start academic research for a sub-thesis related to your production theme.
If students select the course of theoretical research, they are required to acquire a broad range of general knowledge and advanced expertise concerning a subject of their research in order to complete their master's thesis.