Field of Digital Media Graduate School of Arts

Technology such as computers, networks, mobile equipment and so on has developed new aspects of art. Field of Digital Media accepts well-qualified students doing research and creation which integrate a diverse range of media such as video, CG, sound, the web, programming and electronic devices.

Educational Goals of this Field

This field aims at educating students (1)who wish to convert themselves from media 'consumers' to media 'creators' through production and research based on all of the skills necessary for digital media, (2)who wish to be active as professionals and creators in the new areas that link art, entertainment and technology, (3)who have the capability to understand both art and engineering and act as an intermediary between them, and (4)who are interested in planning, development and production based on their artistic and technical backgrounds.

Educational Contents

Computers, networks and other forms of technology play an extremely important role in modern art and design. There are also many different types of media that not only handle one-way messages, but also promote the interactive use between humans and computers. This field consists of both lectures and practical training in order to provide the students with next-generation service and creative expression skills that make the best possible use of digital media. The curriculum has been designed not to train students to become specialists with a narrow outlook only on art or engineering (expression or technology), but to help them to be so-called "hybrid" specialists well-acquainted with all aspects of the genre.