Field of Game Media Graduate School of Arts

Field of Game Media welcomes students with passion and a strong will to become creators active at the global scene in order to pioneer the potential of games expanding in the future. We also welcome individuals who want to study the "essence of play" that lies in the roots of all games and apply it to new types of interface in the fields of education, medical care and social welfare.

Educational Goals of this Field

We train students who (1) can independently find the research topic, (2) create unique and valid methods of expression and production, and explore the possibilities of game, and (3) successfully incorporate their themes and ideas into their master's thesis. Through this course of study, they are supposed to establish their own sense of individuality as creators and achieve self-reliance.

Educational Contents

The course requires students to acquire the vital knowledge and experience necessary for those who express themselves. Speaking out actively during discussions inside and outside of the classroom can make students communicate and get their message across. Working together in creating a single game enables students to reach an elevated level at which they can not only express their own ideas clearly, but also respect a set of values and principles of others. We have also established three majors consisting of gameology, game imaging and game systems, and the students are often provided with the opportunity to meet and get an insight from front-line creators so that they can find their ways to contribute to the future of games which take a societal perspective into account as well as games only for fun.