Field of Photographic Media Graduate School of Arts

Field of Photographic Media regards photography as one part of media art. We provide more enhanced research of both the theory and production of photography and train students to be experts who will represent the next generation of photographers and photograph researchers. Beside its long history, the possibility and potentiality of photography is still expanding, and this field is designed to provide students with essential skills, responsive skills and planning skills for pioneering new areas of the photography. We produce quality graduates who can contribute greatly to society through creative activities of photographic media.

Educational Goals of this Field

The Field of Photographic Media trains students so that they can theoretically discuss their research theme. For students aiming at becoming researchers in photographic theory, we strengthen their investigative and research capabilities to establish photographic media as an academic subject. Also, for students wishing to deepen their research in photographic production we provide education concerning not only how to improve the quality of their photographs, but also how to improve the ability to discuss their work from a theoretical standpoint.

Educational Contents

In order to play a crucial role in modern society as a photographer or researcher, students follow our curriculum which has been designed to strengthen their research capabilities to improve the quality of photographic work, essays and presentations.