Department of Architecture and Wind Engineering Graduate School of Engineering

The architecture and wind engineering major bases its training and research on architectural structure, construction methods and architectural history, architectural design planning, architectural environment engineering and other traditional forms of architectural science, and it is also a characteristic major that enables students to learn about wind engineering, which is consisted of the field of wind-resistant structures to reduce the damage from powerful winds and the field of atmospheric environments on a scale from cities and buildings to human bodies. In particular, our Wind Engineering Research Center, which represents the base for wind engineering training and research, has been used in the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's Wind Effects on the City and Buildings 21st century COE program since 2003 and in the Ministry's New Frontiers of Wind Technology and Educational Research global COE program since 2008, and it has accumulated some excellent training and research results as a educational research center within the global field of wind engineering.

Master's Programs (Quota 10 People)

Architectural structure researches quake-resistant and wind-resistant design and high-level concrete technology, construction methods and architectural history researches rational construction methods and contemporary architectural trends, architectural design planning researches designs suitable for global environments and public use, and structural environment engineering researches designs that promote the prevention of environmental pollution and energy-saving. This master's program provides research activities in all four of these specialist fields.

Doctoral (Ph.D) Programs (Quota 5 People)

The four specialist fields of architectural structure, construction methods and architectural history, architectural design planning, and structural environment engineering covered during the master's program are integrated into Architectural Structural Engineering and Architectural Planning, and the students are also able to study wind engineering, which is characteristic of this major, during their own course work. The field of wind engineering involves educational research activities that are tied in with the Wind Engineering Research Center, the APEC Wind Hazard Mitigation Center, the Wind Engineering Information Center and other research institutes to enable active interaction between domestic and overseas research experts, and it includes characteristic training and research activities that instill students with broad vision on an interdisciplinary basis.