Department of Electronics and Information Technology Graduate School of Engineering

The department of electronics and information technology is based on two main subjects - applied computer science and electronic equipment science (system electronic information science) - and it aims at nurturing people who have high levels of specialist knowledge, flexible thinking and abundant creativity. The course includes the field of information, which targets mainly networks, multimedia, data processing and data communications, etc., the field of electronic equipment, which targets mainly communication systems, electronic equipment control, robots, electronic measurements and electrical devices, etc., and the areas where both of these fields share interactive relationships, all of which enables to provide the students with training and research into scientific technology that is advancing on a daily basis.

Master's Programs (Quota 20 People)

This department consists of four different fields-mechatronics, electronics, informatics and computing-and provides a broad system of educational research from theoretical investigations through to product manufacturing in all technical fields from electronics and machinery engineering through to information engineering.

Doctoral (Ph.D) Programs (Quota 2People)

This program continues on with the specialist fields covered in the Master's program, and it consists of five higher-level fields that include system and applied electronic engineering, electronic materials and processing engineering, electro-magnetic systems engineering, quantum systems engineering and applied information systems engineering.