Department of Industrial Chemistry Graduate School of Engineering

The department of industrial chemistry involves training and research centering on environmental energy chemistry and organic material chemistry. In addition to combining organic material, inorganic material, polymers, ceramics and other materials, this course involves applying these compounds to fields that require state-of- the-art materials, such as the fields of bio-functionality and medicine, the environment and electronic information. Concentrating on department of industrial chemistry, the Graduate School of Engineering established the Nano Science Research Center as an academic frontier promotion project with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2001, which provided us with a well-equipped research environment. The research and seminars that this center provides enables us to nurture students by teaching them to come up with fresh ideas and be creative, and by instilling them with flexible thought processes and high levels of specialist knowledge. We have actively adopted research into molecular design and material design using computers in line with the advances that computer science is achieving recently.

Master's Programs (Quota 20 People)

Our slogan for research is "Unlimited wisdom in a world of infinitely small molecules," and we are actively involved in such research as the basic research and development of functional materials in the fields of organic and inorganic material, physical chemistry and bio-chemistry as the nucleus of environmental energy and material chemistry. We are actively establishing interdisciplinary exchange opportunities on an international scale more than a domestic scale to seek out new potential in the field of engineering chemistry.

Doctoral (Ph.D) Programs (Quota 2 People)

This program has been integrated and restructured with the specialist fields in the master's program to strengthen a system of mutual research cooperation, and it consists of two specialist fields―environmental energy chemistry and organic material chemistry. In addition to allowing students to progress to this course after the pre-doctorate and masters' programs, this program also opens the door to a place in which working adults can refresh themselves.