Department of Media Engineering Graduate School of Engineering

The department of media engineering aims at nurturing people who are able to freely use a wide range of technology consisting of both hardware and software to input, process and then express various types of media information, including light, sound, still images, moving images and sense. In order to achieve this, we have divided the field of media technology into media information and media systems so that the students can work together closely to receive training and perform research while maintaining respect for both fields of specialization. In further detail, the former of these involves the processing and productive expression of still images and moving images using CG (computer graphics), VR (virtual reality) and other computer characteristics, while at the same time researching the engineering-related aspects of the sense of vision, color and feeling. The latter involves research into a variety of different technologies, such as technologies relating to devices for display, the production of high-precision patterns using light, optical imaging measurement, and printing.

Master's Programs (Quota 15 People)

Media engineering, which straddles multiple fields, has been divided into media information and media systems, and research is carried out in these two fields. The field of media information aims at teaching students the academics and technologies required for generating, processing, displaying and evaluating image data, and understanding the human senses and feelings, etc. The field of media systems aims at teaching students the academics and technologies related to the generation, control and processing of the light required for designing and analyzing diversified systems that cover everything from the input of images through to output, the academics and technologies related to devices that store and display information signals, and the academics and technologies related to printing.

Doctoral (Ph.D) Programs (Quota 2 People)

The post doctorate program in the department of media engineering is the same as the master's program, in that it is divided into the two fields of media information and media systems. Intimate links are established between these two fields in order to create a new information system for future society that makes use of leading-edge media engineering technology.