Message from the President About T.P.U.

Ryuichiro Yoshie, President

Tokyo Polytechnic University, with its Faculties of both Engineering and Arts, produces graduates with an intention to creation "new types of value" through technology and creativity.

The University originated as the Konishi Professional School of Photography, founded in 1923 to train technicians and researchers in the field of photography, a cutting-edge expressive technology at the time. The school was a pioneer in combining self-expression through photography (art) with photographic techniques (technology). Afterwards, it developed into the Tokyo Junior College of Photography and later became the Tokyo College of Photography, receiving its present name in 1977. In this way, the school has been a leader of progress for over 90 years.

Our current society is in a time where art and technology are merging more and more. Within these trends, we are set apart by our pursuit of multidisciplinary science, or "hybridization of fields of study."

Our University has campuses in both Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture, surrounded by nature and commanding a view of the Tanzawa Mountains, and Nakano Ward, Tokyo, an international information center.
The Atsugi campus has facilities and equipment for cutting-edge research, drawing researchers from around Japan and the world as a place of learning and scholarship at the highest international level. The Nakano Campus is a cultural and industrial center of the media art on which our nation prides itself. It is furnished with both state-of-the-art facilities for studying media art and the functionality to act as a base for information sharing.

With an awareness that education is based on students' growth, we always keep in mind the philosophy of "putting students first" and strive for them to truly feel glad that they chose our school and achieved real growth here. We also endeavor to awaken the kind of intellectual curiosity that makes students interested in their studies, something that every individual has inside; we always aim to encourage students' growth.

Again, I would like to emphasize that Tokyo Polytechnic University is an extremely unique school in Japan in that it possesses Faculties of both Engineering and Arts. This uniqueness, and the great potential it holds, is an attractive feature not found in other schools. I believe we can contribute to the quality of people's lives through both art and technology by bringing together individuals who wish to challenge themselves to create something new.

"Learning is fun, and creating things is interesting." Tokyo Polytechnic University is a place where students can truly understand the meaning of this statement.

As we near the 100th year since our school's inception, our teaching staff will continue to create the kind of learning environment that stimulates people's intellectual curiosity.

Ryuichiro Yoshie, President