Affiliated Facilities About T.P.U.

Central Library

The library at Atsugi Campus: It is in the possession of data and documents in various fields centered on engineering and arts.

Nakano Library

The library at Nakano Campus: It is a rich book stock in the fields of fine arts, design, images and media.

Shadai Gallery

The Gallery holds unique photo exhibitions including personal exhibitions of eminent photographers at home and abroad.

Media Art Center

The Center holds various exhibitions, expositions or extension courses as a sending base of artistic information.

PC Room

The Center is for learning high-level specialized knowledge on information technology.

Academic Support Center

The Center provides opportunities where teachers and tutors aid in consultation with students who have obscure points at classrooms of mathematics, physics or chemistry.

Consumers' Co-operative Union

The Union backs up students for their day-to-day livings, dietary lives or academic activities.