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Faculty of Engineering

Job Description

Content of Job Information;

The faculty of engineering at Tokyo Polytechnic University (T.P.U.) seeks a qualified instructor to teach an architectural design drawing, architectural design, construction plan, etc. in the 2024 academic year.

The applicant is expected to have the following qualifications;

  1. The person should understand our sprit of foundation, should educate with strong passion to achieve a mission and the purpose of T.P.U.
  2. The person should have enthusiasm for the education of the students.
  3. The person should satisfy either of the following conditions.
    1. The person should hold a doctoral degree in architectural engineering or a closely related field by the start of employment.
    2. The person should hold a master's degree in architectural engineering and have the high ability of designing a product and performance about the architectural design.
  4. The person is expected to excel in teaching at both undergraduate and graduate levels in the field.
  5. The person should work on their additional duties positively.

Most of the classes are taught in Japanese. The applicant must have good communication skills in Japanese.


Associate Professor or Lecturer



contract; five years. The contract may vary according to his or her achievement, personnel and curriculum planning of T.P.U..

Working Place

Atsugi Campus, Kanagawa prefecture


September 15, 2023

Required Documents

All the application documents should be written in English.

  1. CV
  2. Copy of Diploma, certificate of degree
  3. List of publication , invited talks, awards, etc.
  4. Copies of about 5 representative papers or 5 representative architectural works.
  5. Description of research plan.
  6. Please include the information of two references.
    (name/affiliation/phone number/email address)
Contact Information

address: Tokyo Polytechnic University
5-45-1, Iiyamaminami, Atsugi-shi, Kanagawa, 243-0297, Japan